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  1. Q: Does Top Gun Test pick-up and deliver equipment?
    A: Yes, for our local customers we offer a free pick-up/delivery service once a week; typically on Thursdays.  Contact us to schedule or to find out if we offer this service in your area of Southern California.

  2. Q: Can I drop my equipment off with you?
     Of course!  Please set up your drop off or pick-up between the hours of 7:30am and 3:00pm Monday through Friday, and drive to our rear loading dock/warehouse area.

  3. Q: Do you have any Flat Rate Repairs?
    A: We always prefer to see equipment in person before offering a cost, as we charge per issue.  We do have some example costs of repairs that we see regularly, which can be seen on our "Pricing Information" page.  

  4. Q: How do I know if you service a specific manufacturer/model?
    A: Contact us anytime if you're not sure if we can repair your equipment.  Not everything we work on is listed on our website.  The best email for all service requests is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  5. Q: Does Top Gun Test guarantee or offer warranties on their services?
    A: We offer limited warranties for all of the services we do.  If the equipment you send to us for a repair fails or becomes defective within the warranty period, you may return it to us to re-evaluate. We will determine if the failure or defect is related to the same issue and either re-service the equipment, provide you a refund, or credit your account for the amount of the service.
    1. Q: How long do your Warranties last?
      A: A typical warranty lasts up to 90 days (depending on services rendered) from the date of the original repair. 
      For more details, please visit the “Warranty” page on our website. 

  6. Q: Do you offer Calibration Services?
    A: Top Gun Test does not perform calibration, although we do provide non-traceable Performance Test Data with the majority of our repairs.  If you would like your instrument to be calibrated post-repair/service, just let us know and we are happy to drop-ship to the calibration lab of your choice. 

  7. Q: Are expedited evaluations or repairs available? 
    A: If you tell us in advance that a unit you are sending in needs to be rushed, we will mark it as a priority when it arrives at no charge.  We also offer "Next On Bench" for a small charge if you want your evaluation to be our top priority.
    1. Q: What is your normal turn-around time?
      A: Our evaluation time is normally about 1 - 4 business days from receipt, unless parts need to be ordered to complete troubleshooting.  Our typical turn-around time ro complete a repair is about 0 - 7 business days if parts are available/in stock.  We try to give you an estimated ETA when possible. 

  8. Q: Does Top Gun Test require an RMA?
    A: No; unless you request one. 
    We do request problem descriptions be defined either on your incoming paperwork or via email prior to the equipment's arrival.  If you would like a copy of our shipping form to fill out, please contact Tiffany.

  9. Q: Is there ever a fee for an evaluation?
    A: 95% of the time our evaluations are no charge & no obligation.  Under special circumstances (ie: you want to send in a unit we recommend scrapping or replacing), a fee may be charged.  But Top Gun Test will not commence any work without your consent to the determined fee should this happen.

  10. Q: Do you sell or rent test equipment?
    A: No, but we can recommend local or nation-wide companies that do when needed.  We also do not sell any after market parts.

  11. Q: How can my I pay for my services?
    A: We accept ACH bank transfers through QuickBooks, checks, and money orders.  Credit cards can be accepted for a 3% transaction fee (but it is discouraged).

  12. Q: Is all of the work completed in-house at Top Gun Test?
    A: Yes. Occasioanlly a part or component may be sent to a specialized 3rd party, but we would never send your equipment elsewhere without your knowledge. 

  13. Q: Does Top Gun Test offer any discounts for service?
    A: Yes – Top Gun Test offers discounts to our high volume customers upon terms and conditions approval. To find out if you are eligible for this discount please contact Tiffany.  
    You can also visit our current specials here

  14.  Q: Is shipping included in your estimates?
    A: No; the customer should provide a UPS or FedEx account for the return of their equipment.  If pre-pay and add shipping is requested in advance, then we can include that cost in your invoice, but limitations apply.

  15.  Q: How much less is a repair at Top Gun vs. the manufacturer?
    A: Depending on the number of problems, availability and cost of parts, and additional discounts or coupons, it can be anywhere from approximately 20% to 75% less.  If we ever determine a repair can be done more affordably through another vendor or the OEM, we will notify you of this.

  16. Q: How can Top Gun Test offer lower prices (compared to the manufacturer) on your services and how can I see savings?
    A: There are multiple reasons/ways:  
          a.) We can save the you a considerable amount of time and money, since we do not mark-up any of our costs or overcharge for labor.  
          b.) Some other repair vendors add an additional 20% to 50% mark-up on the repairs that Top Gun ultimately services, as our technicians are some of the very best and most knowledgeable in the industry.
          c.) Sending repair equipment here directly can also avoid multiple costly shipments to and from other facilities, which also wastes time time and increases the possibility of equipment being damaged in transit.

          d.) Top Gun Test has a extensive inventory of obsolete and hard to find parts and programs, so we can complete service(s) quicker and at a lesser cost.
          e.) Top Gun Test is a small, honest, veteran-owned/disabled veteran employee company, and we do not to charge unnecessarily.  Those who know us know that we always do what is best for our customer.
          f.) We do our best to recycle shipping materials (boxes, etc.) when they are in good enough condition, saving money and the environment.  We also regularly provide our own Pelican hard cases to return customers to help protect the equipment both directions.  If you are interested in getting set up on our Pelican case program, please contact us.

question mark button symbol 400 clr Still have a question?  Please email Tiffany Mancini at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We will normally get back to you within 24 hours.

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